Sunset Neon - Everything (Josh Money Remix)

What happens when you like Lo-Fi, Glitch, and Retro-Wave? You put them all into one remix of course:

Press Release: 

Atlanta based electronic artist/producer Josh Money returns to the FiXT ranks with a fresh remix of Sunset Neon’s “Everything.” Peering through Sunset Neon’s curtain of VHS haze, Josh Money creates a hauntingly decadent blast of atmospheric nostalgia & ethereal vocals samples crescendoing into a breakout of future house synths and EDM pulses, all while retaining the charm of the original vocals. 

“Wow whatta track! Was pretty thrilled when my OG fam at FiXT agreed to let me do a remix for Sunset Neon. Instead of speeding and pitching the vocals around which seems to be par for the course these days, I wanted to keep the integrity of the original vocal, and instead, completely warp the music around it, into something darker, esoteric, and even a bit unexpected, while still keeping some of the original funky thump. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did remixing it!” -Josh Money